Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD SCT Unboxing & First Review

We open up the brand new Losi 1/5 scale short course gas powered truck the 5ive-t. This thing comes with 4×4 power, a 26CC gas powered motor and is one hell of an remote control truck. In terms of Giant scale this thing takes the cake. Has built in telemetry,and is built off their also very popular Losi 8Ight platform. Some of the features include LARGE-BORE SHOCKS WITH 7MM SHAFTS & THREADED ADJUSTERS 5MM CHASSIS WITH CNC MACHINING FOR STRENGTH AND LESS WEIGHT TWO-STAGE AIR AND FUELFILTER SYSTEMS POWERFUL LOSI® 2-STROKE 26CC GASOLINE ENGINE 1/4 -SCALE HEAVY-DUTY THROTTLE SERVO FOR SUPERIOR BRAKING ADJUSTABLE BIAS DUAL-DISK BRAKING SYSTEM 1/4-SCALE HIGH TORQUE METAL GEAR STEERING SERVO EXTRA-LARGE 800CC FUEL TANK SPEKTRUM SR3300T TELEMETRY RECEIVER WITH 2.4GHZ DSM TECHNOLOGY THREE TUNABLE

Title: Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 4WD SCT Unboxing & First Review

Duration: 4:57

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Added on: December 28th, 2011

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  1. avatar

    By: TheMcooper17

    @rcnightmare closest i had to somethin this size was a 1:6 scale ford f350 by mega motors

  2. avatar

    By: meamjustme

    I would want that just for looks. This just gas right? Not nitro.

  3. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @Craftsteen117 it’s brandon and Jeremy

  4. avatar

    By: LyricsCentral4000

    Holly shit this think kicks ass! I would get one, if I had the cash (or new hot to work on more than brushless motors o.o)

  5. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @Epicstory1994 not likely…perhaps..its the dead of winter now

  6. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @TheMcooper17 1599

  7. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @SECustomRC Not any more space than a 1/8 would require.

  8. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @meamjustme Right, good old unleaded mixed.

  9. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @alpie3269 thanks and yes the running video is the in works!

  10. avatar

    By: traxxaskids

    hey guys check out my rc collection, i got a rustler, bandit, xxx-sct and some onroad cars and boats and heli’s. just put up a video of my whole collection

  11. avatar

    By: Battlerobot2

    @rcnightmare have you ever heard of the gmade R1?

  12. avatar

    By: Craftsteen117

    are you, brandon, the only person behind this channel or do u work with mutliple people?

  13. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @JSZstudios Yes and yes!

  14. avatar

    By: alexanto86

    sei un coglionazzo

  15. avatar

    By: Epicstory1994

    Hello big fan on your show so I’m buying the mgt 8.0 and I was wondering if u guys can do an unboxing and interview thank you

  16. avatar

    By: rcnightmare

    @manhunt17 What miniature vehicles aren’t toys? A well tuned 30.5cc is plenty of power at this scale. Multicylinder models are even more toyish.

  17. avatar

    By: TheMcooper17

    damn! how much would it cost for somethin like this!

  18. avatar

    By: SECustomRC

    Where would you possibly run something like this, seems like you would need an incredible ammount of space.

  19. avatar

    By: DentonRCdriver

    Keep tempting me! Gas is looking more inviting each time I watch this.

  20. avatar

    By: ThermalOverload

    @JSZstudios Course all those HPI 1/5th lovers! I miss the 5T though, Im not too big of a fan of RC ShortCourse




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